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  • Compassion - Chosen Women's Conference


    WE HELP CHILDREN FLOURISH! Through a relationship with a local church and a caring sponsor, a child is able to discover his or her true value. For $38/month, a sponsored child receives: LOVE that unlocks the potential within their heart EDUCATION to defeat illiteracy and provide critical skills SUPPLEMENTS to protect against malnutrition HEALTH CARE to fight back...
  • Chosen Foundation - Chosen Women's Conference

    Chosen Foundation

    Every year, the Chosen Foundation partners with various local, national and international organizations that are focussed on helping women and children in need. We raise money for these organizations through special offerings and opportunities for women to give.  
  • Single Mom - Chosen Women's Conference

    Single Mom

    It’s no secret that being a single mom can be tough and at times, overwhelming. Some of us have walked that struggle ourselves and most of us have seen someone close to us go through it. Each year, a single mom is nominated and we have the opportunity to shower her with love and...
  • Help-A-Sister Out - Chosen Women's Conference

    Help-A-Sister Out

    We believe that as women, we are better together. We stand together through the good and the bad. We link arms and refuse to let our sisters fall when they feel weak or defeated. We refuse to compare. We refuse to give in to society’s pressure to compete with one another. We are a...
Summit Christian Center Presents
Chosen Conference
  • September 25 & 26
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Ephesians 5:14