Reaching Our City, Our Country
& Our World

Giving Back

Every year the Chosen Foundation partners with various local, national and international organizations that are focused on helping women and children in need. We raise money for these organizations through special offerings and opportunities for women to give.

Our Impact

Single Moms

It’s no secret that being a single mom can be tough and at times, overwhelming. Some of us have walked that struggle ourselves and most of us have seen someone close to us go through it. Each year, a single mom is nominated and we have the opportunity to shower her with love and join together as women to support and help her.


Over the years, Help-A-Sister Out has allowed thousands of women to attend Chosen Women’s Conference™ that might not have otherwise. By sponsoring someone you know or just contributing to our sponsorship fund, you are inviting another woman into our Chosen Sisterhood to experience the love of God and beauty of being found in Him.

Help a Sister Out nominations for 2022 are now being accepted through September 1, 2022

Compassion International

We partner with Compassion International to help our women support children in need around the world. When you choose to sponsor a child, you’ll be personally connected with a boy or girl who will know your name and treasure the thought that you care. Your support provides funds to help the child attend school, receive medical care and proper nutrition, and a safe connection to a local evangelical church.

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brave san antonio tx

Brave Global

Chosen and Summit Christian Center is a Brave Global Partner in San Antonio. Brave is a national organization that reaches vulnerable girls in foster care and probation. Brave sees empowerment as the GOAL. It celebrates diversity and desires for these girls to be strong and free.

Summit has developed a strong partnership over the years with Child Protective Services in San Antonio, and we will be hosting a Brave Global Conference for foster girls who live in San Antonio and the surrounding area. Our goal is for the girls to leave feeling special, knowing there are people in the community who care about them and support them. We believe these girls have a purpose and their past doesn’t define them.